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    Hi All

    Council elections only weeks away and we have heard little from the candidates. In my opinion, we simply need a councillor who fully understands and is prepared to represent all our community members.

    Yesterday I met Brooke Savige,and was impressed by her as a candidate.


    For over 60 years, the Savige family are synonymous with Bribie, family members being part of Bribie Town’s social, school, sporting and business life.

    Brooke is acquainted and experienced with the needs, of our young people. Also our workers, who spend the greater part of each day travelling to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, doing a days work and then spend more time travelling home.

    She is also well aware of needs of elderly people and desires to help, and Bribie town has the largest elderly population in Australia, as the last census showed.

    She knows first hand the requirements, of the elderly community and is well aware of services they require.

    I feel, overall, she has the qualifications and determination to represent the whole community.


    One of the problems of today is how best to let everyone know, for as we get older our personal contacts tend to decline.


    If you feel Brooke may help the community, I suggest you forward this on to your contacts.




    Warwick Outram - Author & Bribie Island Icon

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